Jatin Mahindra
Thinker | 3x Entrepreneur
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About Jatin

Jatin is a pure internet professional with experience of some award winning years of thinking, believing and building Internet businesses. He has closely experienced the internet explosion from 200 million users in the year 2000 to the current market size of 3 billion users globally.

He has over 15 years of experience in Innovating & Disrupting the Internet. He has seen all the booms and busts of Internet in the last 2 decades. During this time, he has:
1.Provided a leadership role in:
•Building a disruptive startup bringing retailers on board and facilating trade across the country
•Working on the retail ecommerce venture on the warehouse model.

•Leading the online marketing operations on a social learning platform for India’s largest technology driven Education Company.
•Managing the digital marketing operations for a Nasdaq listed American company. 
•Working towards building an ecommerce business for selling elearning courses for a Dutch company targeting the Global market.
•Working towards the vision of convergence & introducing streaming media in India with a proprietary patented technology.

2.Other experience / responsibilities have included:
• Thinking abilities
• Innovative and Disruptive capabilities
• Entrepreneurial abilities
• Strategic capabilities
• Knowledge of digital marketing 
• Problem solving abilities

Research- He has been constantly busy exploring & discovering the Internet since past 2 decades.

Some of the past work with application of Philosophy and Beliefs:-
1999- Internet and trends on the internet boom in India. 
2002- Focused the beliefs on emergence of Blogging and the future of Media and reporting.
2003- Building up the vision and beliefs for streaming media & convergence
2004- Focused beliefs on Business Networking platforms and emergence of social media
2006- Focused beliefs around conducting projects around digital eCommerce.
2008-13- Focused working around the beliefs on eCommerce & Marketplace emergence.

2013-Till Date- Emergence of Saas Businesses - Internet and Beyond.

Jatin Can be Reached at  email(@)jatinmahindra.com

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