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By: Jatin Mahindra | November 07, 2017

If you’re in need of inspiration and want to bring some new marketing ideas to the table, take a look at these awesome growth hacking tips.

Before we dive in…

What is Growth Hacking?

Sean Ellis founder of Growthhackers.com defines a growth hacker, “as a person whose true north is growth.”

One of the most prized members of a startup team is the growth hacker. Startups cannot afford to create an amazing product and wait for customers to come to them. Growth hackers have a unique job to figure out creative ways to amass a large number of users with a limited marketing budget.

Traditional marketing methods that require money for advertising, outsourced video production, teams of in-house content creators and design teams dedicated to marketing effor...

By: Jatin Mahindra | August 31, 2017

There are dozens of guides for startups to reference when they are researching different aspects of growth. But, it isn’t always easy to find them. I searched with multiple tools to find as many as I could, for this post. As I find more I’ll add them in. I’ve found calculators, tools, spreadsheets, and more, with the following topics covered; onboarding, bootstrapping, customer success, churn, retention, pricing, business model, user experience, blog, growth, marketing, sales, and various. I hope you find this useful.

For starters let’s talk about the Growth specific guides:


Rational Growth by Andrew Chen - Andrew Chen talks about the frameworks, questions, and thought processes you need to build a product with millions of users. The ...